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What Clients Ask The Most

What You Should Know

What interest rate can i get?

Interest rate vary between Mortgage Lenders but the most important factor in working out what interest rate you can achieve is Loan to Value (LTV) , i.e. how much you want to lend compared to the property value. The lower your LTV, the less risk to the lender and therefore the better rate they offer.

Can i get a mortgage with poor credit?

We are Independent Mortgage brokers, so our job is to work for you and search the whole of the mortgage market to find a lender that can help. We have access to numerous specialist lenders that can look sympathetically on past credit problems.

Should I get a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage?

This all depends on your situation and requirements. Our advice is tailored to your circumstances. We will discuss your thoughts, wishes and plans and take all this into consideration before recommending the most suitable deal. Not all clients and mortgage deals are the same.

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